Yoga Podcast Episode 35: Ty Landrum

A few weeks ago, Meghan Indie and I took a drive down the Yoga Workshop in Boulder Colorado where we sat down with Ty Landrum, Richard Freeman, and Mary Taylor – each separately! for three brand new amazing episodes of the Ashtanga Dispatch Podcast.  

In today’s episode, we begin with Ty Landrum (and in the beginning, his little girl as well!) Now, usually I do some research before interviewing someone – but in Ty’s case, I really didn’t have to. Because two weeks before this interview, a student and follower of the Dispatch from Columbus, Ohio emailed me hoping I’d invite Ty on this show. Not only did I share the good news that Ty was coming on – but I asked him what questions he wanted most me to ask. Lets just say, this student did his homework and came back  with some really great questions. Two of my favorites centered on Ty’s background in philosophy, his thoughts on the traditional ‘guru,’  and more personally, his relationship with Richard and Mary. 

Show Links

The Yoga Workshop, Boulder, Colorado

I Took My Baby to Mysore, India, for a Month: Here’s What It Was Really Like// Ty Landrum, Yoga Journal 

Upward Dog Tutorial // Ty teaches me to ‘roll my spine’ into upward facing dog #workinprogress

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