Yoga Podcast Episode 33: The Ashtanga Yoga Confluence

Today’s episode of the Ashtanga Dispatch Podcast is a prerecorded panel discussion featuring Tim Feldmann, (Miami Life Center), Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor (Boulder, Colorado), Manju Jois (Encinitas, CA), Dena Kingsberg (Byron Bay, Australia), David Swenson (Austin, TX), and as moderator, Jessica Walden (San Diego, CA). The audio is courtesy of the Ashtanga Yoga Confluence, Inc with images by Agathe Padovani.

Practice and All is Coming

Manju Jois explains what ‘All’ means to him. (Agathe Padovani for The Ashtanga Yoga Confluence)

It’s interesting to me that Pattabhi Jois isn’t quoted as saying, One Teacher and All is Coming. He said, Practice. Because practice is our experience and through which all experience comes. And why the relationship we must truly be committed to developing is with our own practice. For experience is the best teacher of all. Or that’s my theory, anyway. 😉

In the following episode of The Ashtanga Dispatch Podcast, you’ll hear even more theories from teachers far more experienced than I on what THEY believe is meant by the maxim. So from the 2018 Ashtanga Yoga Confluence, here is Dena Kingsberg, Richard Freeman, Mary Taylor, David Swenson, Tim Feldmann, and Manju Jois discussing what All (this) means to them.

The Ashtanga Dispatch Podcast is edited and produced by Chris Lucas and hosted by me, Peg Mulqueen. Opening chant by Greg Nardi  from the Ashtanga Dispatch Magazine #2 in Digital. Also thanks to good friends who support this podcast over at Patreon through their monthly donations. If you  would like to join them, please visit – Thank you!


For more about the 2018 Ashtanga Yoga Confluence, visit Ashtanga Dispatch’s recap of this year’s event.

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