Yoga Podcast Episode 43: What Does Practice Mean to You?

Meghan attended the 2019 Bali Ashtanga Yoga Conference and caught up with long-time teachers Dom Corigliano, Mark Robberds, Kathy Cooper, Scott Johnson, Radha, John Scott, and Chuck Miller – asking each the same question: What does yoga or practice mean to you?


Mark Robberds

Image by Meghan Powell

I think the practice is different for everybody, and you’re going to go through different stages with the practice. You know, obviously this is something that I’m feeling now and it will again change at a certain point and throughout my life, I’ll go through different phases, and relationship to the practice. For any of you listeners out there, just understand that that’s part of the process, it’s going to keep changing. You will go through different stages. So what I’m saying, you might not relate to that. You’ll have your own experience. I think that’s also a beautiful thing. 

Dominic Corigliano

Image by Meghan Powell

Yoga, is earth. Yoga is sky. Yoga is self-knowledge.

Chuck Miller

Image by Meghan Powell

Finding that center from which I feel content.And clear. At peace. Happy. Without stress or strain or much ambition to do anything. Something as simple as laying on the grass,  listening to the wind blow. Can become many many many things. it’s not so much about the technique. 

Kathy Cooper

Image by Meghan Powell

Looking over the last 43 years of practice I would say it’s total transformation. of my consciousness to recognize that my natural self is happy, joyful, peaceful and hopefully present in life. You know, probably not in every moment but overall, that’s the well being that I feel. And at my age to be feeling well-being in my body, it lets – its like I still have a whole big chapter ahead of me in my life. And that’s exciting.

John Scott

Image by Meghan Powell

I had a thought about the question before. Which is strange. In preparation What does practice mean for me – and my answer would change every time you asked me the question. Because my thought, when I thought about the question and what that means is that we are forever changing and so that the present moment is always changing and there is always different stimulus arising in the present moment. So that question is never fixed.

Scott Johnson

Image by Meghan Powell

it’s the ripple of the practice, it’s the ripple of the sensations, the ripple of the feeling internally, the breath and how the breath is moving – the sensation, the freedom of the joints, is then how I take that off the mat – and meet children. Louise and me, the family life, can I breathe and notice the freedom around a 17 year-old. You know? Like And it’s those things I really cherish. 

The practice is my personal way of going, this is me. This is who I am.


Image by Meghan Powell

For me now, I’ve really started to understand more of the feminine aspect of practice – for me. Because for so many years, practice was this kind of a powerful strong thing that I could do. And now, I’m using it more – as I said last night – from an intuitive place. Like what does my practice really teach me – intuitively? And over these almost 30 years, it has definitely helped me to hone my intuition. And really know what I need for my heart, my body, and my mind. And so I think that’s how it will continue to unfold for me. 


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