Yoga Podcast Ep. 61: Kino Macgregor

The Dawn of a New Day

The past few years has been like a story that’s unfolding. One that will be told for generations to come. And it is this personal retelling, a weaving together of stories, we will bring you this year through the podcast. Asking the question: How has the pandemic shifted our sense of identity, purpose, and vision as individuals and as a yoga community?

We begin with Kino Macgregor, someone we have always admired and enjoyed, and have had on the podcast many times before. And we thought it not possible for Kino to be even more impassioned and purposeful — but we were wrong. Now blazing with passion and clearer than ever, Kino is ready to usher in a new day, and a new paradigm, in yoga.

If you practice yoga, or are even just on instagram, you have probably heard of Kino Macgregor. Kino has over 20 years of experience in Ashtanga yoga, she’s the author of four books, founder of Omstars, the worlds first yoga TV network, and co-founder of Miami Life Center with  her husband, Tim Feldmann. And that’s just the condensed version of Kino’s many achievements …

One of our first workshops we ever took with Kino was in Washington DC about six years ago. There are a few things we remember to this day… first, her core workout had us trembling and sore for days.

But what really struck us, was there must have been easily a hundred people lined up to say thank you and take a picture. And you know what, she was there for every single person, casually sitting on the floor cross legged. No one was left out. She was not only kind, but generous with her time and attention. Which is something that’s actually kind of rare to find. And when you talk to Kino, it’s like you’ve known her forever. You can go from a serious conversation to giggling in a matter of seconds. 

So when you meet her, watch any of her videos, or read any of her books, its easy to see why she’s a role model for many of us practitioners and a leader within our global yoga community not just because of her inspirational words, but because of her actions. 

In fact, it was Kino’s steady online presence and balanced message that prompted us to reach out. As the world spun out of control, Kino never seemed to spin with it. And that gave us comfort. 

The Ashtanga Dispatch Yoga Podcast is is produced, edited, and hosted by Peg Mulqueen along with Meghan Powell. Music is by Marc Pilley.

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