Kathy Cooper

Yoga Podcast Ep. 60: Kathy Cooper

The Yoga of Yes!

After first meeting Kathy Cooper at a yoga conference in Bali a few years ago, Meghan knew she wanted to have her own the podcast. Kathy just really spoke to her heart. In her 70’s, Kathy embodied the vibrancy and joy for practice and in life that is positively contagious. And no doubt, you’ll feel that same spark in today’s episode.

Kathy has been practice Ashtanga Yoga since 1976, to which she’s just as devoted today as she was then. But also, that deep searching for truth, led her to exploring sufism, shamanism, and vipassana as well as practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu — integrating all of this into her teachings throughout the years. 

In Bali, Kathy sat with Meghan while she was in shoulderstand, taking time to explain the internal alignment and making a very strong point of the importance of having a long savasana. And since then, has her to thank for the minimum of 10 minutes of rest she now always takes at the end.

Kathy’s is the kind of wisdom that can only come from many years of a personal practice and life experience. Radiant and youthful as ever, her stories and teachings are such a gift, especially to the many women like us practicing. Like Kathy says in the podcast: There are many of us out there. And it’s good we have each other.

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