Yoga Podcast Ep. 59: Lara Land

Trauma Awareness Begins with Us

Lara Land is the founder of the non-profit, Three and a Half Acres Yoga, a partnership program that offers yoga, breathing and mindfulness practices to underserved communities. In addition, Lara trains yoga teachers in the area of trauma sensitivity — a training that focuses primarily on a teacher’s own self awareness.

In this episode, Lara shares the biggest mistakes yoga teachers make when it comes to trauma sensitivity; what you can do NOW to immediately make your classes safer; and some intimate stories form working with trauma survivors since 2007.

For the month of December (2021), teachers within the yoga community are leading classes online to help raise money to support Three and Half Acres Yoga. Your donation gives you access to all classes taught by teachers such as Eddie Stern, Donna Noble, Nina Rao, and so many more.

But even more important — you’ll be helping to bring the healing of yoga to someone who really needs it. Find out how to donate and attend these classes by visiting

The Ashtanga Dispatch Yoga Podcast is is produced, edited, and hosted by Peg Mulqueen along with Meghan Powell. Music is by Marc Pilley.

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