Yoga Podcast Ep. 55: Santina Giardina-Chard || Dancing with Fire

It’s been exactly a year since I was in Australia and able to spend time, live and in person,  with both Meghan and today’s guest and very  good friend – Santina Giardina-Chard.

Santina is an Ashtanga yoga teacher, living on the Gold Coast. Wildly impassioned and blazing with enthusiasm and emotion – Santina is one of those people who knows what it means to step into the fire and let burn what needs to burn. 

And she will lead you through as well – if you let her.

Because sometimes we need to feel the burn before we will loosen our grip and open ourselves up to something new. Often it’s the destruction that clears the space and sets us free. Which is a little of what this pandemic has done within the yoga community, by forcing us to practice mostly on our own. 

No doubt, it’s been an intense year. But it’s also been incredibly liberating. As if finally able to let go of the dogmatic beliefs and hierarchical systems that threatened to define us, many of us are finding our way home, in more ways than one. Rather than being told how to practice, we are learning to feel our through for ourselves. 

And that is what today’s conversation is really about – feeling. Finding the courage to feel for ourselves what is real. 

*This episode contains language not suitable for young or sensitive ears.

Dance with Santina on Instagram – she is definitely someone to follow! And as always, thanks for listening – and enjoy today’s spirited talk with Santina Giardina Chard.

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