Yoga Podcast Ep. 54: Dena Kingsberg

The Voice of Devotion

Today we welcome a very special guest – a woman we hold dear as teacher, mentor, and most especially friend – Dena Kingsberg.

Dena has been a devoted student of Ashtanga Yoga for over three decades. Her time spent as a practitioner is evident through her integrative and holistic teaching style.

But her devotion and grace are never more apparent than when she closes her eyes, starts to softly hum, and begins to chant.

From her homestead in the magical semi-tropics of Goonengerry, Australia – Dena joined us over Zoom. Which is relatively new for Dena.

You see, Dena has purposely remained separate from the digital world in the past, preferring more intimate and in-person encounters. Which for many of us, hasn’t been possible in 2020.

And why Dena began exploring ways she might support those of us feeling isolated and alone. Like by sharing a practice that brings her both joy and solace – chanting. 

In fact, she has already made available her very first online course, an  8-week chanting workshop, Embracing Joy.

In today’s episode, Dena explains how sound can be a pathway to silencing the citta vritti, the insecurities of the mind. And that through the process of repetition, we become more attuned to ourselves:

“The voice is so directly connected to the heart.”

What joy it gives us to share with you this rare and special interview.  Because Dena’s is a voice we have missed. A voice that’s been missing.

A voice so directly connected to our hearts. 

The Ashtanga Dispatch Podcast is hosted, edited and produced by Peg Mulqueen and Meghan Powell.
Music is by Mark Pilley.
Opening chants, by Dena Kingsberg from her album,
in gratitude: music for yoga, meditation, grieving, healing, living, and dying.

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