In a Dark World, Let Hope Rise

Though the world may be dark, we have each other, a love that is stronger and mightier that any virus. And in that love, we find a hope to light the way.

Coyotes: A Lesson in Resilience

There is a coyote’s resilience inside each of us – a flexibility to be both social and solitary. So community is as important as solitude. And why a home practice is so vital. Because as a social species, it is learning to be alone that pose the bigger challenge.

Foraging: A Return to Our Roots

It is not the politicians, priests, or gurus who lead us astray, but our impulse to follow and rely on them rather than do our own foraging within.

Yoga Podcast Episode 47: Meghan Powell

“Chanting has helped me become more comfortable with myself. And feeling the freedom to open up in a devotional sense, in an emotional sense. I think it’s really released a part of me that I kept tightly hidden – and I’ve become more comfortable with that. And that’s what we’re trying to do, become comfortable with ourselves, with who we are.” Meghan Powell, Ep 47

Purifying Change: A Baptism of Fire

The yoga world is ablaze as abuses of power come to light. It is a baptism of fire as old structures burn and we create new paradigms for the future.