The Wolf

Fiercely protective and instinctual, but also dangerously unpredictable, the wolf reminds us what it means to be raw and uncivilized. Of our own wilder essence. Before it got edited out. Before we became tame. We see in her what was once in us.

Finding Love in All the Wrong Places

As the pandemic continues to keep yoga studios closed and isolate us from one another, many have relied heavily on social media as a way to fill the void. But does it? Do platforms like Instagram and Facebook really make us less lonely? As Jean Marie Hackett realizes – not always. Sometimes it’s just a place to hide, a way to filter feelings, and an escape from feeling the things we don’t want to feel.

Yoga Podcast Ep. 54: Dena Kingsberg

Dena Kingsberg, a devoted student of Ashtanga Yoga for over 30 years, talks to us about chanting as a spiritual practice and how the voice is deeply connected to the heart.

Tradition: The Thread That Connects Us

Tradition is a living, evolving body of wisdom; stories, beliefs, and practices passed along, there to both ground us and guide us. But in being passed along means there is movement. So these roots also come with the freedom to grow what’s in accordance to what is most natural for us.

Yoga Podcast Ep. 52: The Yoga Mythbusters

Today’s chat is with Mark Robberds, Oliver Crossley, and Scott White who together, formed the Yoga Myth Busters. Their hope is to educate and clarify some of those pesky myths that continue to circulate and persist.

Cooking + Yoga

Genny Wilkinson Priest talks about cooking, yoga, dietary needs, the #rationchallenge she is doing with her teenage son, and everyone’s favorite – donuts!

The Trouble with Transcendence

Spiritual bypassing is rife in the yoga community- regardless of lineage. The idea of themed classes has given rise to the pulpit of the flow yoga teacher, preaching wisdom as they see fit intertwined with Utkatasana and Rajakapotonasana. Except it’s not wisdom; it’s ignorance.

A Loving Kind of Madness

Rather than avoid or deny our anger, we need to get closer. Because beneath that anger is a wound that needs love and a hurt that needs to heal.