Dr. Shyam Ranganathan

Yoga Podcast Ep. 58: Dr. Shyam Ranganathan

Dr. Shyam Ranganathan explains the process of translating spiritual texts; how belief systems, both conscious and unconscious, can influence our interpretations; and why logic is better than experience in deciphering ethics.

June 21, 2021: Living in Rhythm

Today is the solstice. So if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, it is the light and life of summer in which you are welcoming. And if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, it is the darkness of winter to which you release. Either way, it’s a reminder that life is cyclical — full of shifting rhythms, energies, and forces. And, as …

Yoga Podcast Ep. 56: Dan Nevins || Living Life to Its Fullest

In 2004, after an explosion in Iraq, Dan Nevins would ultimate lose both his legs. And in today’s pod, Dan will not only tell you this story – but also about his life, before and after. Including how he was introduced to yoga which, as he will tell you, saved him during a particularly dark time.

On Grieving Trees

More and more, I turn to nature, seeking solace and the comfort of home, under the generations of Eucalypt trees on kunanyi/Mt Wellington, listening to the soft rustle of their leaves. And it occurs to me that this is indeed what I am mourning — home. My grief for these trees mirrors the grief I have felt during these last twelve months. Indefinitely separated from my family has brought a kind of homesickness I’ve never encountered before.

A Tale of a Post Gone Bad: Why Words Matter

Dear Ashtanga Instagram Yoga People:

You were probably never informed what the so-called ashtanga drama between two big name ashtanga instagram accounts was actually about– because it wasn’t that at all. Not “ashtanga drama.” Not even a “fight” between two “heavy hitters.” Nope: It was about a tone-deaf, racially insensitive Instagrammed tweet, one that this community has yet to take responsibility for. You might think otherwise because the social media game board on which this played out got repeatedly scrubbed of the comments, stories, and memes involved: Gone. I’ll be damned if the opportunity for this community to evolve, put its actions where its words are, and progress– gets lost too.