On Grieving Trees

More and more, I turn to nature, seeking solace and the comfort of home, under the generations of Eucalypt trees on kunanyi/Mt Wellington, listening to the soft rustle of their leaves. And it occurs to me that this is indeed what I am mourning — home. My grief for these trees mirrors the grief I have felt during these last twelve months. Indefinitely separated from my family has brought a kind of homesickness I’ve never encountered before.

The Wolf: Teach Me to be Wild

Fiercely protective and instinctual, but also dangerously unpredictable, the wolf reminds us what it means to be raw and uncivilized. Of our own wilder essence. Before it got edited out. Before we became tame. We see in her what was once in us.

Yoga Podcast Ep. 54: Dena Kingsberg

Dena Kingsberg, a devoted student of Ashtanga Yoga for over 30 years, talks to us about chanting as a spiritual practice and how the voice is deeply connected to the heart.

Tradition: The Thread That Connects Us

Tradition is a living, evolving body of wisdom; stories, beliefs, and practices passed along, there to both ground us and guide us. But in being passed along means there is movement. So these roots also come with the freedom to grow what’s in accordance to what is most natural for us.