Walking Away: On the Power of Refusing to Stay

words by erica morton magill “There is nothing mysterious or natural about authority. It is formed, irradiated, disseminated; it is instrumental, it is persuasive; it has status, it establishes canons of taste and value; it is virtually indistinguishable from certain ideas it signifies as true, and from traditions, perceptions, and judgments it forms, transmits, reproduces. Above all, authority can, indeed …

Yoga Podcast Ep. 64: Mark Bint

Mark Bint grew up with two parents who cannot hear; Mark is known as a CODA, a child of deaf adults. And in today’s episode, Mark tells his story and how growing up in a non-hearing home taught him what it truly means to listen.

The Power of Touch

Touch deprivation is serious. The symptoms include depression, anxiety, weight gain, trouble sleeping, and a lack of motivation or purpose. And if this sounds like you, just know, you’re not alone.

Yoga Podcast Ep. 62: Eddie Stern

Honest and straightforward, Eddie Stern speaks frankly about the Ashtanga yoga method and the changes he has made in both teaching and practice.

Kathy Cooper

Yoga Podcast Ep. 60: Kathy Cooper

It’s the kind of wisdom that can only come from many years of personal practice that guest to the podcast, Kathy Cooper, brings today.

Out of the Shadows

There can be no shadow without light, no light without dark. This is the great paradox. And so while we like to sort such opposing energies separate and away from each other, the truth is, they are not separate at all.