The Path: Space Module

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October – November 2023   Space is consciousness. Measured in time and expanse, but also in the immeasurable spirit. Because space is spirit. It is our essence and soul. Space is the emptiness that gives meaning to form, the silence that allows us to listen, and the stillness from which all movement arises. All living beings need space in order …

The Path: Air Module

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August – September 2023 Focus this session: Expressions of Self Air is light, active, and mobile. From the gentle breeze that rustles the leaves to the forceful winds of a hurricane, air is the vital energy that brings movement and life. Air is prana. Air is breath. And it is the element that governs both the heart and throat energy …

The Path: Fire Module

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All life is made of the same five essential elements: earth, water, fire, air, and space/spirit – including us. These same elements that compose all of nature are also present in our own bodies and in our practice. From the grounding of earth, the flow of water, and fire’s transformative energy, to air’s inspiration and the space we need to grow and expand – by reconnecting with nature outside, we come home to our true, inner nature as well.

The Path: Earth Module

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January 1st – February 28th, 2023 Working with Earth means digging in and buckling down. It can be hard work, but also deeply satisfying. It gives us a very physical sense of self, reminding us of who we are and why we are here. Earth is also our body. It is the gateway for our senses and all our experiences, …

The Path: Water Module

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March 1st – April 30th, 2023 Water is our emotional body, accessed through the hips and pelvis. It is also the element of the second (sacral) chakra, our energy center associated with joy, creativity, and the fluidity of movement. In this issue of The Path, we explore topics such as freedom and acceptance (Snow); the damaging effects of shame (Ice); …

THE PATH for October

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Join us as we explore the archetype of The Teacher.  Inside The Journal:  A Lineage Continued // The Future of Ashtanga Yoga Explicit vs. Implicit Teaching // Who’s in charge?  The Dark Teacher // Clarity Through Contrast The Mentor  //Looking for the person we already are. Iṣṭa-devatā // Joining with a beloved divinity. Relationship // Our source for growth and healing. …