Backbend Preps to Help Open the Front Body

Though your back may be flexible enough, your hip flexors may not be so willing. Consequently, some will feel low back pain in postures such as wheel. Inside, find four exercises to bring more extension – and relief!

Podcast Episode 8: David Keil

If you only know David Keil through his Yoga Anatomy website … or through his Anatomy workshops and DVDs … or even his Functional Yoga Anatomy book, recently released … then I’d say, you have only even barely scratched the surface.

Until now, I hope.

Because in today’s episode you won’t hear form David Keil the anatomy expert – but instead, the impassioned YOGA teacher I call both my mentor and my friend:

Conquering Kapotasana, part 1

This was my deal breaker.  Everyone has one, and this was mine. I knew this one posture would demand from me more commitment, patience, tenacity and loving kindness than any other I’d ever encountered.  It requires me to be fully present, super aware – and willing. So lets just say, we’ve spent some time together and had the chance to …

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Chaturanga Dandasana

Ashtanga’s primary series has 60 low pushup positions.  SIXTY! Its nearest competitor is the typical power yoga class which has about thirty and we go ahead and double that.  That’s just crazy business. And the craziest thing of all is according to nearly every alignment blog and instruction I can find, we are all doing it wrong.  WRONG!  We drop …

Size Matters

I don’t know if you know this about Ashtanga – but backbends are a pretty big damn deal. When I started, no one cared that I could stand on my hands.  No one wanted to see me float or jump or balance on my arms.  No, they wanted to see my backbend. Only, I didn’t have a backbend.  I had …