The (8-limbed)path of yoga

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Day Living

The Path overview

Bringing Patañjali's Yoga Sūtras to Life

More than just an ancient yogic text, The Yoga Sūtras is a universal guide for anyone seeking greater awareness, well-being, and inner freedom. Each sūtra is a tiny but potent seed of wisdom, awakening us to our innate goodness and unlimited potential.

And why we have chosen Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtras to shepherd us through 2024 on The Path. Because the wisdom it contains isn’t just ancient, it’s still incredibly relevant to the problems and challenges we face today. The teachings not only help us navigate the difficult parts, but also illuminate the way towards a more conscious, loving, and authentic life.

This year-long series of courses will accompany Patañjali’s four chapters with down-to-earth explanations and stories,  guided meditations, and recordings of sūtras to chant.

You’ll also receive supplemental reading guides with journal prompts and ideas for further exploration. And at the end of each month, we will gather as a group to share and discuss.

Of course, you are also welcome to participate in individual courses. Though the chapters are numbered, they are by no means sequential. And so you are welcome to join anywhere, anytime. 

The courses will be easy to follow with lessons that are practical, experiential, and will encourage your own observations, insights, and understandings. While this journey into yoga is one that we share, the path is ultimately one to be explored for ourselves.

Joining The Path is ideal if

You are interested in:

  • Learning yoga philosophy in a way that is understandable, enjoyable, and relatable. 
  • Beginning or enriching a meditation and/or chanting practice.
  • Exploring the psychological and spiritual sides of yoga and applying within the context of your life.
  • Becoming a part of an intentional community that will support and encourage your growth. 
  • Living a more conscious and purposeful life.

Join us!


January - March

Patañjali's Yoga can be perhaps best described as the yoga of the psyche, a bringing together of heart, mind, and spirit in our physical and earthly existence. This is the focus of the first course, a union that is yoga. Topics covered will include the many workings of the mind, stages of learning, yoga as devotion, and the beautiful qualities of joy and compassion.

Live Gathering Dates: 1/31, 2/25, & 3/31 (1pm MT / 3pm ET)


April - June

The second chapter is probably where many of us began our yoga journey -- with practice.  In this course, we learn about right effort, the wisdom of ease, the inevitable obstacles we'll encounter, and how to bring about change.  But above all, to do good, be kind, tell the truth, and don't be afraid to look in dark places. 

Live Gathering Dates: 4/27, 5/25, & 6/29  (2pm MT / 4 pm ET)


July - September

From the strength of an elephant and the steadiness of the tortoise to the various forces of nature, the third chapter illuminates all that is possible through the power of concentration. Of all the chapters, this one is the most mystical and magical, urging us all to become shapeshifters, exploring realities unknown.

Live Gathering Dates: 7/27, 8/24, & 9/28 (2pm MT / 4pm ET)


October - December

Similar to the second chapter, this section brings us back down to earth, only not so nitty gritty.  As with anything we practice, there are always many layers. In the beginning, the learning is dramatic, as is the change. But as we mature, the distinctions are harder to detect. And so, in this course, it is the subtleties of practice we explore and the diligence this inevitably requires.

Live Gathering Dates: 10/26, 11/23, & 12/14 (1pm MT / 3pm ET)


Participating in The Path has been a coming home this year, a landing in my own yogic skin.

Each month leaves me refreshed, excited and pondering more possibilities of this dedicated journey. I look forward to continuing this journey with Peg and Meghan.

-Kathy Cooper

Year-Long Path

✓ 4 easy-to-follow courses

✓ Over 16 hours of course video

✓ 12 guided meditations + chants

✓ 12 live gatherings

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Individual Courses

✓ 21 lessons bundled into 3 modules

✓ Four hours of video content

✓ 3 guided meditations + chants

✓ 3 live gatherings

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January - march

Course 1: What is Yoga?

✓Cultivating a Healthy Mind
✓The Freedom to Think Differently
✓Colors of Perception
✓Beginning to Notice
✓Returning to Source

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april - june

Course 2: A Practical guide

What is Practice?
✓ Yoga in Action
✓A Healthy Sense of Self
✓ Exploring Our Shadow
✓ Honoring Our Truth

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July - September

Course 3: Unlocking Potential

✓ The Power of Attention
✓ Shapeshifting Magic
✓The Forces of Nature
✓Discovering What's Possible
✓The Trouble with Attainments

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October - December

Course 4: The Subtleties of Practice

✓ The Layers of Learning
✓ Softening the Lines
✓ A River's Wisdom
✓ Worth the Wait
✓ The Freedom in Discernment

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Participating in The Path has been the most transformative experience of my life so far.

- Barbara Fay