The Path

A unique, online community space created to keep you feeling inspired, supported, and connected within your home yoga practice.

The Journal

A bi-monthly journal full of inspiring essays, seasonal rituals and recipes, and mindful prompts. Issues reflect the session themes, detailed below.

The Practice

Free access to all live classes, including guided meditations, chants, breathing practices, and other embodiment exercises.

The Gathering

A global, virtual coming together, where everyone inspires everyone else. Gatherings are on the last Saturday of each month at 3 pm MDT/MST

The Annual Path Membership: $175

Includes bi-monthly journal, access to all live online classes, and monthly live gatherings. Open enrollment ends March 1st.

Per Module: $45

Includes journal, access to all live online classes and gatherings during each module. Themes and dates are outlined below.




January 1 - February 31

Earth is our physical body, home to the spirit, and the foundation for all that we do. It is the root of our existence, where we begin and where we return. Earth is strong like a mountain, rooted like a tree, and solid as a rock. The energy of earth is most pronounced in our feet, legs, and pelvis offering us stability, strength, and balance.

Focus this session: The healthy establishment of one’s ground.



March 1 - April 31

Water is our emotional body, graceful movement, and our ability to adapt and change. Water is deep like the ocean, flows like a river, but requires healthy boundaries. Opposite of earth, water requires us to let go, feel, and yield to whatever is rising. Water resides in the hips and low belly.

Focus this session: Freeing the flow of natural energy and movement.



May 1 - June 31

Whether a burning desire or a torch in the night, fire is the truth that lights you up and keeps you going. Dynamic and fierce, fire is a powerful source for both creation and destruction. Fire lives in the belly/navel area, which is also home to the ego, our sense of autonomy, and a feeling of empowerment.

Focus this session: Confident and purposeful action.



August 1 - September 31

To inspire is to breathe. Housed in the chest area, air is the heart of our being. A life force energy, air gives rise to what is light and uplifting, broadens our sense of self, and grounds us in a place of acceptance and love. In practice, any shape or exercise that helps open the chest and lungs, including communication, increases the element of air.

Focus this session: Expanding and strengthening the sacred heart center.

Module 5


October 1 - November 31

Space is spirit, a consciousness that is both individual and collective. Found in the pause between thoughts, the sound of silence, and through the presence of solitude; from this uninhabited space within the mind grows imagination, intuition, and understanding. Inversions such as headstand and shoulderstand enhance the element of space.

Focus this session: Listening for the voice within.