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Next cycle begins January 2024

1. Community & Connection

Fundamentally, we are relational beings. We all have a need to belong. And why fostering a sense of community and connection is one of our number one goals. So not only will we have weekly live sessions as a group,  but also monthly one-on-one meetings, which will be designed around your personal needs and goals. Plus, we’ve created  a dedicated group on Slack as a way to ask questions and connect further with your peers in the program. 

BONUS! As part of our mentoring program, you’ll receive  a free annual membership to The Path, including our  bi-monthly journal, live classes, and monthly live gatherings.

2. Embodied Movement

We believe the body is home and it is our intention to help you feel more at home in yours. Therefore, when it comes to the physical practice, we take a more inside-out approach, focusing on the person, not the pose. So don’t expect us to offer just one way of doing anything, or stick to textbook ideas of alignment. Instead, we will explore the shapes using felt-sense and breath as our primary guides, as well as individual experience. In addition, we will look at the function and energetic qualities and how the postures are connected to the practice as a whole.

Weekly Saturday sessions will be on Saturdays at 2 pm MT, and led classes on Wednesday afternoons at 3 pm MT. Both will be recorded for those unable to make the live sessions.

3. Soulful Living

Yoga is a method for Self realization, putting us in touch with our soul’s innate knowingness. And so part of our roles as mentors will be to help facilitate this  self exploration and inquiry beyond the āsana practice.

In part, we will do this through additional coursework containing various psychological and spiritual perspectives for study along with journal  prompts for reflection. But also, by encouraging you to listen and follow what’s in your heart. For it’s truly  in doing what we love that awakens us to our greatest potential and purpose.

"I had so many life transitions happening in my life at the Spring Mentorship. This beautiful, nurturing space has such a personal connection. I worked through so many of these transitions feeling so supported.

Weekly meetings and yoga & philosophy workshops, journaling prompts, monthly 1:1 sessions. If you are looking to enrich your yoga journey, I highly recommend this mentorship with Peg and Meghan!"

Nicole E.

"Joining the Ashtanga Dispatch Mentorship has been life-changing. To be a part of a community - a genuine and honest Sangha - is exactly what was missing in my life.

From small group talks, sharing experiences on and off the mat, to one-on-one private conversations with Peg and Meghan, sharing tears and laughter, has not only been eye-opening but heart-opening as well. The weekly workshops are jam-packed with practical and powerful information that have greatly impacted my practice. 

What a blessing to be in the presence of such incredible people/women/queens and be able to learn so much from each other. I am thrilled to continue this journey!"

Solana C.

2023 Fall Session: Lifting the Veil

August 11 - December 16 (18 wks)

In this session, we will explore more of the subtle body, expanding our focus to etheric and mystical realms. Topics will include:

The Element of Air: To Be Inspired and Uplifted

Pranayama: The Fundamentals of a Breathing Practice

The Animation of Asana: An Inside Job 

The Heart Chakra: Love as Courage

Backbends: Replacing the Bend with Expansion and Breadth

Yoga as a Paradoxical Practice: Creating Harmony through Opposing Forces

The Throat Chakra: Verbal Cuing and Getting Clear with Our Language

Chanting & Mantra: The Medicine of Sound

Behavior as Beliefs: The Body Doesn’t Lie

Intuition and Imagination: Developing the Sixth Chakra

An Exploration of  Archetypes

The Element of Space: The Danger in Playing Small

Meditation and Prayer as Exercises in Listening

Awareness and Focus: Strengthening the Muscles of the Mind

Compassion as Clarity: Seeing Through Another’s Eyes

Self-Knowledge: Shining a Light Into the Unconscious

Spiritual Fishing: A Game of Hide and Seek

The Wisdom of Empty: Why it’s Okay Not to Know

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