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The mentorship program

For anyone seeking an enriched understanding of Yoga, a deeper sense of kinship and belonging, and a way to live a more conscious and purposeful life.

Our Mentorship Program is built on three core tenets:

1. Relationship

We are relational beings, and it is through relationships we grow. In joining the Mentorship, you will become part of a supportive, loving, and thriving community of past and present mentees and meet as a group for weekly live sessions. In addition, we offer monthly one-on-one meetings, dedicated to your more personal needs and goals.  And in between, you can continue to connect and share through our dedicated group on Slack.

Live group sessions will be on Wednesdays and Sundays, with times TBA. Sunday sessions will be content-related and follow the syllabus, while Wednesdays will be more experiential, with a focus on practice. Both will be recorded.

2. Self-Realization

Yoga is a process of both self-realization and realization of Self. Self (with a capital “S”) is certainly at the heart, a conscious, changeless, and illuminating spirit we find within ourselves. This is the path of Patañjali’s Yoga. But also our more earthly self (with a lowercase “s”), through which we discover and experience personal truth, a process psychologist Carl Jung describes as the process of individuation. These two belief systems form the basis of our Mentorship curriculum.

As part of our 2024 Mentorship, you’ll also receive a free membership to The Path, a series of courses to accompany Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtras, with practical explanations, guided meditations, and chanting. 

3. Natural Wisdom

In the noise and hurried pace of today’s modern world, following our own instincts, inner wisdom, and natural rhythm feels harder than ever. As part of the Mentorship, you’ll be encouraged to honor all parts of you, to be guided by your primal, intuitive, and inner senses, and re-member yourself within the natural world.

We believe in journaling as a powerful practice, unto itself. Through weekly prompts and exercises, you’ll use the tools of inner listening, reflection, and insight to lead you toward what feels both natural and true for you.

What's Included

→ Live weekly group meetings.

→ 1:1 Personalized individual sessions.

→ Live weekly tutorials and classes.

→ Private audio and video talks.

→ Reflective journal prompts relevant to each topic.

→ Access to a community group on Slack.

BONUS: Access to The Path year-long course. Plus, other online courses and classes throughout the year including the upcoming Primary, Second, and Third Series courses.

Spring Session 

February 4 - June 9, 2024

yoga in action

✓ Why am I Here? Living with Purpose

✓ Daily Practices of Self-Inquiry and Mindfulness 

✓ The Importance of Motivation

✓ Discipline, Ethics, and Will

✓ Mental Prisons: The Ways We Limit Ourselves

✓ Finding the Effort to Stay

✓ Suffering and Letting Go: Being Gentle with Yourself

Fall Session

August 4 - December 8, 2024

The Spirit of Yoga

✓ The Power of Presence

✓ Yoga as a Shapeshifting Practice

✓ Exploring the Hidden Senses

✓ Paradox and Grace: The Way of Nature

✓ Living the Truth of Your Uniqueness

✓ The Trouble with Enlightenment

✓ Forgiveness as Freedom

"Joining the Ashtanga Dispatch Mentorship has been life-changing. To be a part of a community - a genuine and honest Sangha - is exactly what was missing in my life.

From small group talks, sharing experiences on and off the mat, to one-on-one private conversations with Peg and Meghan, sharing tears and laughter, has not only been eye-opening but heart-opening as well. The weekly workshops are jam-packed with practical and powerful information that have greatly impacted my practice. 

What a blessing to be in the presence of such incredible people/women/queens and be able to learn so much from each other. I am thrilled to continue this journey!"

Solana C.

"I had so many life transitions happening in my life at the Spring Mentorship. This beautiful, nurturing space has such a personal connection. I worked through so many of these transitions feeling so supported.

Weekly meetings and yoga & philosophy workshops, journaling prompts, monthly 1:1 sessions. If you are looking to enrich your yoga journey, I highly recommend this mentorship with Peg and Meghan!"

-Nicole E.

Spring Semester

February 4 - June 9, 2024

Spring semester registration is closed for 2024. 

Fall Semester

August 4 - December 8, 2024

One-Time payment

Fall Payment Plan

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