Special Offerings


This year-long series of courses will accompany Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtras with down-to-earth explanations and stories,  guided meditations and chants, and monthly live gatherings.

Course 1: What is Yoga?

Course 2: A Practical Guide

Course 3: Unlocking Potential

Course 4: The Subtleties of Practice

Join us on The Path


Our Mentorship program is for anyone looking to cultivate an enriched understanding of yoga as an individualized practice and a tool for personal development. If you are craving a more profound sense of belonging and purpose or simply feeling a little stuck where you are now and needing the inspiration and guidance to move forward, we invite you to join us in 2023 for this year-long journey.

Meaningful Connection

In addition to full access to The Path, including the journal and monthly classes and gatherings, we will meet more intimately through regular one-on-one meetings.

Embodied Movement

With the Ashtanga yoga method as our primary map, we will take a more practical and individualized approach to understand the practice as a whole and individual postures.

Soulful Living

Additional coursework with psychological and spiritual perspectives will be presented for study and reflection, along with ways to implement these insights into your daily life.
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