Completing the Circle: The Feminine Side of Practice

A YogaGivesBack Event

Saturday, June 18th @10 am MDT

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Irrespective of gender, we are all an embodiment of both masculine and feminine energy. The masculine is logical, rational, and thinks in linear style; its energy is active, decisive, and achievement oriented. The feminine, on the other hand, is intuitive, creative, and values emotional connections; its energy is subtle, receptive, and cyclical. When both sides are equally honored, there is balance and harmony. When they aren’t, we become a bit lopsided. And most of us are a bit lopsided -- even in our yoga practice. Especially if our method, like today's culture, is already more masculine by nature.

Join Peg Mulqueen for this hour-long, interactive discussion exploring the subtler, feminine side of practice.  

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Thank you so much!