THE PATH 09 || September’s Mother

The Giver of Life

Fertile as earth, nourishing as water, protective like fire, and infinite as space, the Great Mother is the source of all life. She is the maker of home and an immense expression of unconditional love; from her body, grows all of creation. For we all begin life, enveloped in the warmth of her womb, protected in the strength of her belly. She gives us our roots, but also our freedom —  holding us without ever holding us back. A creative force not only for life, from her hands also comes art, poetry, and music. From a tiny, little seed, She grows a bounty.

Inside this month’s journal issue of THE PATH: 
  • The Great Mother // Sitting with White Tara, the Bodhisattva Healing Mother.
  • The Source // How places inform who we are and offer a sense of belonging.
  • A Mother's Love // The many languages of love.
  • By Hand  // Whether knitting or kneading, reaching or bowing, it's what we make that holds the most meaning.
  • 10 Ways to Create // Ideas for every-day magic making
  • The Goddess, Vāk // The source of divine speech from which mantra draws its power.
  • The Great Mother Meditation

THE GATHERING: September 25th @ 2pm MDT

The Path is a unique practice space, with a beautiful Journal, guided Practice sessions, and a live, online Gathering each month. Join us on the path … 

The Path 09 || September's Mother: $20