THE PATH 08 || August’s Queen

A Hero's Journey

It’s a title of affection for a woman we respect and admire, one who has come into herself and owns her power. She isn't worried about pleasing others or conforming to their expectations.. She knows who she is, and is true to who she is. Which is why we call her, "Queen!" Because she is her own hero. And that makes her ours too.

Inside this month’s issue of THE PATH: 
  • Off with Her Head! // A Punishing Double Standard
  • The Shadow Queen // The Trap of the Looking Glass
  • Who the Hell is Peg Mulqueen? // Understanding One's Own Power
  • Shadow Work  // Because what you don’t know can hurt you. 
  • Tea for Two // The Buddha invites Mara, the demon, to tea
  • A True Queen  // A Wholeness that Begins with Separation
  • The Hero's Journey // An Epic Tale of Your Own Becoming
  • How the Peony Became Queen of the Garden // And meet her royal perennial court
  • Queen of the Asana // A Journey into Backbends, August 13th, 8 am MDT, live workshop

THE GATHERING: August 28th @ 2pm MDT

The Path is a unique practice space, with a beautiful Journal, guided Practice sessions, and a live, online Gathering each month. Join us on the path … 

The Path 08 || August's Queen: $20