THE PATH 07 || July’s Warrior

The Power of Purpose

The work of the Warrior requires a fierce determination, intense focus, and scrupulous inner work. Connected to her own source of power, the Warrior lives and acts from her heart. And whatever she does, she does fully. For it is purpose that brings her alive! Courageous, bold, and an advocate of Truth as she knows it, she is committed to becoming the person she is meant to be.

Inside this month’s issue of THE PATH: 
  • A Different Kind of Practice // Because sometimes we need to kick our own ass. 
  • Skandasana// The warrior behind the pose.
  • The Battle // A crisis of conscience similar to Arjuna's.
  • Fire// Some things need to burn.
  • Transformation // Creation from destruction.
  • Purpose  // The importance of a strong and stable ego.
  • Dharma // The many layers and meanings. 
  • Classes // Two live classes to inspire fire and creativity.

THE GATHERING: July 24th @ 2pm MDT

The Path is a unique practice space, with a beautiful Journal, guided Practice sessions, and a live, online Gathering each month. Join us on the path … 

The Path 07 || July's Warrior: $20