THE PATH 06 || June’s Sage

The Wisdom of Nothing

The Sage is in constant pursuit of wisdom and truth. Though she does not hold herself out as an expert, nor afraid to say, “I don’t know.” Besides, how does one ever really know what knowing is, anyway? Call it an intellectual humility, but the Sage does not claim to hold any answers or be smarter than anyone else. For it is clarity she seeks, not certainty.

Inside this month’s issue of THE PATH: 
  • Āvidya // The ignorance of certainty.
  • Wisdom // Knowledge you cannot get from a book.
  • Understanding // Wisdom is not imparted from above, but  from under where we stand.
  • The Six Practices to Perfect // Understanding is grounded in generosity, ethics, patience, enthusiasm, contemplation, and emptiness.
  • Emptiness // The importance of space.
  •  Śruti and Smriti,  // Like two wings of a bird, the fundamentals of chanting.
  • Making Sourdough Bread: A combination of doing and sitting. 
  • Space in the Garden:  How to grow tomato plants vertically.

THE GATHERING: June 26th @ 2 pm MDT

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