THE PATH 05 || May’s Wild One


With a vitality and aliveness pulsing through her veins, the Wild One is thoroughly embodied, engaging with the world through all of her senses. She is instinctual, natural, and free to be herself. Unintimidated and confident, she will boldly resist any form of oppression or exploitation.  Though often labeled a rebel, she simply refuses to conform to man's arbitrary rules. Instead, she remains true to herself, with a wildness that will not be tamed.

Inside this month’s issue of THE PATH: 
  • Wild // What does wildness mean?  
  • Free // Befriending the body and reclaiming our own skin.
  • Felt Sense // Engaging with the world through our senses.
  • CODA // The embodiment of communication.
  • The Power of Touch // A conundrum facing our yoga community.
  • Instinct // How much of our behavior is learned and how much is innate?
  • An Exercise: Bhrahmari Pranayama (Bee breath)
  • Recipes // A collection of whole food recipes that can be made in less than 30 minutes!


GATHERING: May 29th @ 2pm MDT

With special guest speaker: Santina Giardina-Chard

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