THE PATH 04 || April’s Goddess


The goddess represents the cosmic energy that moves through the universe in an endless ebb and flow, where life and death coincide, overlap, and merge. The goddess lives her life in rhythm with nature: fluid, creative, and adaptive. In yoga, we find her as Shakti, the creative dynamic force unfolding within the Universe.

Inside this month’s issue of THE PATH: 
  • In Rhythm // Embracing all of life's seasons and stages.  
  • Two Years // An essay on the passing of time.
  • Cyclical Living // Aligning our lives with nature. 
  • It's Just a Phase (Moons & Our Cycles) // An energetic perspective of the menstrual and moon cycles.
  • Synchronicity // The yoga practice as a coming together of inner and outer worlds
  • The Water of Life // What happens when humans try and bottle and sell what is spiritual.
  • An Exercise: Releasing the Soft Palate.
  • Videos // Shakti: A conversation with Peg + Meghan.


GATHERING: April 24th @ 2pm MDT

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