THE PATH 03 || March’s Maiden

YS 1.14 sa tu dīrgha-kāla-nairantarya-satkāra-ādarā-sevitaḥ dṛḍha-bhūmiḥ

Practice becomes firmly rooted when pursued with interest, sincerity, and after a long period of time.


The Maiden is forever optimistic, eternally hopeful, and at times, dangerously naive. But only because she lacks the wisdom of age and experience. It is only through enduring challenges and finding her way through that the maiden can grow -- realizing her own inner strength and potential. Standing on the precipice of womanhood, the seeds of her maturation lie in the obstacles she faces.

Inside this month’s issue of THE PATH: 
  • The Myth of Persephone // Why stories matter.
  • Learning to Swim // Learning to trust one's strength through challenges. 
  • The Path of Endurance // Discovering what's possible... with a little help.
  • Mountains of the Mind // Nine hurdles we encounter on our climb.
  • Transitions // Remembering how to jump.
  • The Space In-Between // Taking our time through changes.
  • Spring Awakening // Ways to welcome spring.
  • Videos // Sculpting AUM with our voice and exploring transitions.


GATHERING: March 27th @ 1 pm MST

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