Elements of Third Series

Back in the day, Peg and I would practice what we called “Tour de Third” — a morning where she would practice Third Series and I would watch and try to mimic what she was doing. We wouldn’t do any of the “crazy” looking ones because we were just taking a tour! There was no pressure to look a certain way and I definitely fell out of my share of postures! During that time, I didn’t practice Third but those mornings were a time to have fun, to explore, and discover some shapes together. 

This Elements of Third recorded online class was created in that same spirit. I’ve selected postures throughout the Third Series as well as moved some of them around as you’ll notice. On our own tour together, we take occasional breaks and a closer look at some areas to explore a bit more in depth the energy and options of working with certain forms. Then we continue on our way! 

In other words, you do not have to be practicing Third Series to partake in this class. Though it is recommended that you have been practicing Second Series up through karandavasana for enough time to feel grounded and steady within that practice. But you do not need to be proficient in every posture. 

Please use your best judgement and be aware of your body’s needs. Like I said before, in our Tour de Third, there was no pressure or expectation of a certain performance but rather a chance to discover and have some fun.