Podcast Episode 30: Harmony Slater

Today’s Ashtanga Dispatch Podcast with Harmony Slater starts with a really special treat – Greg Nardi chanting the Peace Invocation from the NEW Ashtanga Dispatch Magazine #2 – in digital!  You see, included in our newest online magazine is an bonus online section with exclusive videos, interviews, chants, and even a guided meditation from teachers featured within the magazine. Including the chant you will listen to at the start of today’s podcast.  And I wanted YOU to be the first to hear about it!

Ok … on this next episode with Harmony!

We recorded this episode at my house in Bozeman on the last day of our 5 day Shakti retreat. We started off discussing how it’s different to teach as a woman. No surprise, but we live in a world with still some pretty engrained and apparent gender bias – and yes, even in yoga. In yoga, as in anywhere else, it is still more difficult for women to earn respect. Not spoken as much as a complaint – than as fact. And maybe one reason why Harmony is not (as she says) excited to show off her body. That’s right … you’re not likely to see Harmony practicing in a pair of bootie shorts – not on instagram and not in person either.

In fact, if you follow her instagram – you’ll see that in many of her asana posts, she’s more likely to be wearing sweatpants in the not so exotic locale of her living room – and talking up the philosophical stories behind the shape rather than the typical, how-to. You see, Harmony has a degree in both religious studies and philosophy. And while I didn’t know this before our interview – it certainly does explain a lot.

And actually, one of you had written and asked me to ask Harmony about how the spiritual side of yoga fits in with the asana – or if it does at all. Rather than have me poorly paraphrase Harmony’s brilliant response, lets just go right to our conversation. Here’s Harmony Slater:

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