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Mar 01 2023 - Apr 30 2023



The Path: Water Module

March 1st – April 30th, 2023

Water is our emotional body, accessed through the hips and pelvis. It is also the element of the second (sacral) chakra, our energy center associated with joy, creativity, and the fluidity of movement.

In this issue of The Path, we explore topics such as freedom and acceptance (Snow); the damaging effects of shame (Ice); working through grief (Rain); the difference between boat/method and oars/technique (River); overcoming fear (Ocean); a practical guide to working with injuries; and includes two pre-recorded practices.


Live practice sessions: 

ONE HOUR YIN March 11th, 2023

HIP & STABLE: 90 MIN WORKSHOP April 15th, 2023

Live Gathering Times:

March 25th & April 29th (Saturdays) at 3 pm ET



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