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Oct 01 2023 - Nov 30 2023



The Path: Space Module

October – November 2023


Space is consciousness. Measured in time and expanse, but also in the immeasurable spirit. Because space is spirit. It is our essence and soul. Space is the emptiness that gives meaning to form, the silence that allows us to listen, and the stillness from which all movement arises. All living beings need space in order to breathe and to grow.  The trouble is, living in today’s hurried and harried modern world, it’s time and distance we rarely allow. And so, of all the elements, space is the one that often gets shorted.

And so we dedicate this journal to all the space makers. — to silence + listening … to breaking from the pack + leaving room for mistakes … to pausing, sitting, and rest.


Saturday Live Gatherings:

October 28th at 3pm MST || November 25th at 1pm MST


A Special New Moon Circle

Join Peg & Meghan for two hours of storytelling, journaling, chanting, and meditation as we gather to conclude this year’s journey of The Path.

Sunday, November 12th, from 4-6 pm MST.

All links can be found in your Journal. Reminders will be sent prior to each session.


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