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Aug 01 2023 - Sep 30 2023



The Path: Air Module

August – September 2023

Focus this session: Expressions of Self

Air is light, active, and mobile. From the gentle breeze that rustles the leaves to the forceful winds of a hurricane, air is the vital energy that brings movement and life. Air is prana. Air is breath. And it is the element that governs both the heart and throat energy centers, a visceral current of love and desire, and a channel for self-expression, communication, vibration, and sound.

In the yoga asana practice, the element of air is what brings life and lightness to all movements and shapes through breath. However, it is particularly visceral in asana focused on opening the chest, commonly grouped under backbends. Pranayama and mantra practices strengthen the element of air, as do song, dance, storytelling, art, and journaling. 


Saturday Live Gatherings:

August 26th at 3pm MST || September at 1pm MST


Powered by Breath: A Functional Movement Workshop with Peg

Sunday, August 27th, 12pm MDT

Weaving Breath with Sound

Friday, September 15th, 4pm MDT

The Courage to Fly: Armbalances Made Easy(er)

Saturday, September 23rd, 3pm MDT


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