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Aug 27 2023


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm



Powered By Breath: A Functional Movement Workshop

When it comes to our physical practice, it can be tempting to remain focused on bodily alignment. And in fact, many do. But ours is a practice powered by breath. Like an embedded code, every gesture is scripted with an inhale or an exhale in a way that is both functional and intuitive. So when body and breath work together, movement flows naturally and requires less effort.

In this 90-minute virtual workshop, we’ll explore three of the most basic and important breathing and movement patterns using a variety of postures from Ashtanga’s primary, intermediate, and advanced series.

*This workshop is free for all members of The Path  and those in our Mentorship program.  If you are a part of either, the link and recording will be provided so no need to register here. 

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