THE PATH: A collective, online practice space – to inspire, engage, and connect


The Path is a unique practice space that includes a beautiful monthly journal, ideas for home practice, and a live, online gathering to connect and support. With female archetypes as our guides, each month we will explore various aspects of the yoga practice, in a way that invokes a softer, more feminine perspective. We hope you will join us on the path … 

Member offerings:

The Journal

A creative, online journal that is as enchanting as it is practical, exploring the yoga path, with a broader and softer perspective. Each month’s issue will be a blend of inspiring essays, mythical stories, seasonal rituals and recipes, and mindful prompts. And woven throughout is the time-honored wisdom of the Yoga Sūtras along with ideas for self-practice.

Shared on the 1st of each month. 

The Practice

Practice sessions are offered as a way to bring each month’s theme home in a way that is both engaging and inspiring. Monthly classes include embodiment exercises, chants, guided meditations — and cover topics such as Ayurveda, self-care techniques, home herbalism, sustainable gardening, and more. All recordings and downloads will be yours to forever keep. 

The Gathering

Join Peg Mulqueen, Meghan Powell, and the rest of our yoga collective each month as a way to connect and explore further this path we are walking — together.

Online gatherings will be scheduled on the last Sunday of each month.


Member options:

Save $90/year with annual membership: $150
Or pay as you go, monthly: $20


Dates: January 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022


January:  The Child

New Beginnings

— Word: Possibility

— 17th: Wolf Moon

— 30th: Gathering

February:  The Lovers

A Harmony of Opposites

— Word: Union

— Element: Sun + Moon

— Practice: Balance

— 16th: Hunger Moon

— 20th: Gathering

March:  The Maiden

Obstacles as Opportunities

— Word: Growth

— Element: Air

— Practice: Working with transitions

— 18th: Worm Moon

— 27th: Gathering

April: The Goddess

Following Nature’s Rhythm

— Word: Flow

— Element: Water

— Practice: Spinal twists

— 16th: Pink Moon

— 24th: Gathering

May: The Wild One

The Courage to Speak

— Word: Courage

— Element: Sound

— Practice: Finding our voice through mantra + chanting

— 16th: Flower Moon

— 29th: Gathering

June — The Sage

Keeping Space for Not Knowing

— Word: Wisdom

— Element: Light

— Practice: A seated practice

— 14th: Strawberry Moon

— 26th: Gathering

July: The Mystic

Trusting the Universe

— Word: Surrender

— Element: Spirit

— Practice: The power of prayer 


— 31st: Gathering

August: The Queen

— Word: Confidence

— Element: Heart

— Practice: Breathing in backbends

— 11th: Sturgeon Moon

— 28TH: Gathering

September: The Mother

Keeper of the Hearth

— Word: Receptivity

— Element: Earth

— Practice: The legs and feet as foundation

— 22nd: Fall Equinox

— 25th: Gathering

October: The Warrioress

The Independent Female Spirit

— Word: Purpose

— Element: Fire

Practice: Individualizing and adapting

— 9th:  Hunter’s Moon

— 30th: Gathering

November: The High Priestess

Things Yet To Be Revealed

— Word: Introspection

— Element: Space

— Practice: Self Study

— 8th: Frost Moon

— 27th: Gathering

December: The Wise Woman

Molded by Experience

— Word: Compassion

— Element: Time

— Practice: The hips that hold us

— 7th: Cold Moon

— 18TH: Gathering




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