Equanimity Through the Storm || A Special Online Series


A 4-Week Course with Peg Mulqueen + Meghan Powell


Ask yourself: Am I living my life or surviving?

Perhaps in this moment, you’d settle for just surviving. For more contagious than a virus, is fear – robbing us of our present, infecting our here and now. And yet, we already have all the tools we need to stay anchored and steady through the storm – awake and alive in each moment, no matter what the moment may bring.

This is everything we’ve ever practiced and an opportunity to put that practice in action!

Because within every crisis is also this incredible opportunity to grow. The ground is fertile for sowing the seeds that will one day grow into tomorrow’s courageous new blooms. And why we hope you can join us for a special series of live-stream sessions, as we explore and connect Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtras to what is happening in today’s world:

    • Week 1: SPACE BETWEEN

      We’v all become familiar with the term social distancing by now. Pratyāhāra is the practice of mental distancing. Like fasting for the brain, it is the mind space created when we intentionally pause, slow down, take a breath. It is the opposite of busyness. And perhaps our most powerful antidote to today’s unfolding crisis. Learn how to create more meaningful space within your daily life through mediums such as meditation, art, and nature.

    • Week 2: STRONG ROOTS

      Abhyāsa (practice) and vairāgyā (non-attachment) together is what keeps us rooted. Like the small repetitive practices we do each day, with out any hope of reward or glory. Seemingly mundane, and yet oh-so powerful. In today’s session, we will discuss ways to remain grounded and steady, the simple routines that not only keep us anchored through the storm, but also allow us to rise up through!

    • Week 3: COMPOSTING

      Composting is a year-round job. A rotting heap of scraps and decay that has to be watered, turned, and sifted regularly. It’s stinky and gross, and yet from this comes a rich and fertile soil in which to grow. Kriyā-yoga is our way of composting, a process of churning that includes determination, practice, and faith. This is yoga in action from which all change comes. Today’s session is all about understanding and learning to fall in love with the process, for without it, there would be no blooms.

    • Week 4: SHADOW WORK

      Nothing like a threat or challenge to wake up the monsters that live in our closets – but it’s also part of our practice. Svādhyāya is the study of ourselves – including the parts we like to keep hidden, or our shadow self. But there’s nothing to be ashamed of; no reason to hide. For the clues to our suffering live in the dark. And the only remedy is light. Learn tools of self-exploration, observation, and reflection as a means for self-knowledge.


Dates: July 10, 2020 – July 31, 2020


What’s included:

    • Four live hour-long group video lessons with Peg + Meghan, which will also be recorded.
    • Recordings of learned yoga sutras + guided meditations for you to download, practice, and keep.
    • Weekly journaling, art projects, connection to nature, and other creative endeavors.
    • A personal check-in session.

Online meeting times for May:

Dates: 7/10, 7/17, 7/24, 7/31

Time: 3 pm EST (1pm MDT, 8pm GMT, +5am AEST)


Cost: $125*

*Flexible payments are possible. Please do not let cost stand in your way because we won’t. Email us if you need assistance



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