Podcast Episode 20: David Keil

A Special Anniversary Episode!

Can you believe this is our 20th episode? Me neither! Needless to say, this one is pretty special. But not just because of the number – but it’s David Keil, of course!

David was here in Montana where we led a 5-day retreat together – which was a huge honor and treat for me. David has long been my teacher, my mentor, and my friend. And maybe it’s because we have these levels of relationship that this episode turned into less of an interview and more of a REAL conversation between the two of us – and exactly the way we talk when no one is recording.

Which is to say, neither of us held back.

For the next hour, be a fly on the wall as David and I cover the gamut of topics including how we both have changed in the ways we practice and how we look at practice. David calls himself lazy and me, hippy-dippy. But his laziness is actually efficiency and my more laid back approach these days is simply inviting more ease. In other words, we’re growing and changing.

Towards the end of our talk, David and I did touch upon a pretty serious subject: yoga and injuries. In fact, David is right now working on some cutting-edge research into the long-term effects of yoga. With over 2400 participants, David hopes this project will help bring about more meaningful inquiry, both statistically and experientially. You can follow this ongoing project – and if still available – participate yourself, by visiting www.yoganatomy.com/survey

This episode of the Ashtanga Dispatch Podcast was edited and produced by Chris Lucas and hosted by me, Peg Mulqueen.

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As always, thanks for listening!

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