Backbend Preps to Help Open the Front Body

Though your back may be flexible enough, your hip flexors may not be so willing. Consequently, some will feel low back pain in postures such as wheel. Inside, find four exercises to bring more extension – and relief!

Foot Exercises for yoga

Footnotes in Yoga

Strong, flexible feet translate into powerful, healthy legs in yoga and in life. And why your feet are worth your attention in (and out) of practice.

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Laghu Vajrasana with David Garrigues

David Garrigues most recent Asana Kitchen is of particular interest to me – and not because I’m in it, but because it’s posture that has been known to cause me (and others) some knee pain. In David’s usual style, he offers many opportunities for students to approach this second series asana and grow with it – sans any pain.  See …

David Garrigues 2nd Series Intensive, Notes

The following are both excerpts from my notes and recordings from last week’s intensive study with David Garrigues: Dynamic movement followed by stillness – rather than a murky blend of sort of still and sort of moving.  The mind stays sharp between asanas. Don’t become discouraged … You may have to withstand so many times of not getting there, quite. …

Conquering Kapotasana, part 1

This was my deal breaker.  Everyone has one, and this was mine. I knew this one posture would demand from me more commitment, patience, tenacity and loving kindness than any other I’d ever encountered.  It requires me to be fully present, super aware – and willing. So lets just say, we’ve spent some time together and had the chance to …

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With a little help from my friends

The wonderful thing about my friends is they never give up trying to be there for me. Unfortunately, I seldom make it very easy on them … The other morning, my friend (who was also teaching) came to assist my backbends as we typically do in the Ashtanga Mysore room. “You want to catch?” she asks. I look up and …

and here come the crazies

I’m pretty sure Ashtanga’s intermediate series should come with a warning label … Consider this – after a short succession of well-meaning backbends, you’ll quickly find yourself face to face with the wicked queen of all heart-openers, Kapotasana.  Which was utterly terrifying for me.  (Truth be told, it’s still not pleasant). And the fun has only just begun. Because then …