The Zen of Basket Weaving

Being distracted is a sign of fatigue. And why the brain actually needs periods to defocus, unwind, and relax. So you can either consciously schedule these breaks in or the mind will take one without asking.

Ashtanga Dispatch: The Power in a Pause

The Power in a Pause

One of the most important skils to practice daily is simply to pause. To slow down. On purpose. And create the space to remember what we too often forget.

A ‘Legitimate’ Yoga Practice: 10 Myths I Used to Believe

There are many myths out there about yoga that scare people off from practicing and yet, there are just as many misconceptions that get in our way once we do. And so, if you practice yoga – these are the 10 myths you can now stop believing. Because they just aren’t real.

Broken Yogi :: Exploring the ‘Gift’ of an Injury

By Nathan A. Thompson Nathan Thompson is an author and journalist who occasionally also writes about yoga. We are delighted to welcome Nathan to our Ashtanga Dispatch team of contributing writers – whether or not he EVER puts a leg behind his head again. In fact, we kinda hope he doesn’t. 😉 Any injury has the possibility of offering us …