A Woman's Perspective

Guilt and Shame: The Poisons of Practice

Women come to yoga already carrying more than their fair share of guilt and shame. And when the Ashtanga Yoga method is practiced and taught in the way that honors the individual, it is amazingly empowering and healing. Unfortunately, that is not the way it’s always handed down.

Looking Back 2018 | The Beauty in Our Brokenness

Our practice is one rooted in this beautiful broken mess we call humanity. It’s all we have and it’s everything we need. Nothing matters but our own blessed prayer that summons us through the dark and into the sacred quiet of each new dawn. Here is where we find the grace and the courage forward.

Menopause: A Tenderizing Evolution

Menopause is a feminine process that lasts for many years for most women and can be quite challenging and scary. Learn ways to ease into this transition through yoga, meditation, and other supportive measures that you may experience the softer strength that comes through this liberating phase of a woman’s life.

The Journey to Becoming a Self Centered Woman

Life is full of contradictions. Some happen to be more glaring than others. In this moment, I am in the midst of one I know too well: leaving my family to cross the world and attend a yoga course. “Going to yoga” is, of course, an oxy-moron. But the idea that yoga can be “learned” better in one place than …

Women’s Yoga Practice Forum Survey

A short survey to be used for a Women’s Yoga Focus Group as well as In-Depth Study – dedicated to supporting women in both practice and life. Thank you for your interest and participation!