Ashtanga Dispatch: The Power in a Pause

The Power in a Pause

One of the most important skils to practice daily is simply to pause. To slow down. On purpose. And create the space to remember what we too often forget.

Jumpbacks and Jumpthroughs: Easy as 1-2-3

The elusive jumpback and jumpthrough feels like a pipe dream for most Ashtanga yoga students. With arms too short, a body too big, or simply not the strength or flexibility to maneuver – most of us will give up in our mind without ever giving our bodies a chance. But what if I told you it’s as easy as 1-2-3?

Restarting Ashtanga yoga practice

How to Return to Yoga Practice After Time Away

I know we all want a formula but honestly, it really is to “begin again” – even when it’s the very next day. Time is subjective. And if you don’t think so, consider this: my children grew in the blink of an eye while on the other hand, Montana winters feel utterly endless, dragging on and on!

Of course, there are a few things to remember …

breathing patterns in yoga

Breath and Movement: Three Important Patterns to Follow

Breath is our foundation and the thread that connects body and mind. Not to mention, the breath also helps give our movement both a shape and a direction. Like an embedded code, every gesture is scripted with an inhale or an exhale, programming our nervous system to work with our musculature in a way that can both calm and energize. So when body and breath work together, movement flows naturally requiring far less effort.

Trikonasana A: Finding the Edge of Imbalance

In a way, my life is much like my triangle pose. I’m fortunate these days in that I’m comfortable. Life hasn’t always been like this and I promise you I’m not complaining! But we don’t actually grow while comfortable and perhaps why the yoga is kind of meant to push our buttons.

Or in my case, why David does.