Yoga Podcast Ep. 64: Mark Bint

Mark Bint grew up with two parents who cannot hear; Mark is known as a CODA, a child of deaf adults. And in today’s episode, Mark tells his story and how growing up in a non-hearing home taught him what it truly means to listen.

Yoga Podcast Ep. 62: Eddie Stern

Honest and straightforward, Eddie Stern speaks frankly about the Ashtanga yoga method and the changes he has made in both teaching and practice.

Kathy Cooper

Yoga Podcast Ep. 60: Kathy Cooper

It’s the kind of wisdom that can only come from many years of personal practice that guest to the podcast, Kathy Cooper, brings today.

Dr. Shyam Ranganathan

Yoga Podcast Ep. 58: Dr. Shyam Ranganathan

Dr. Shyam Ranganathan explains the process of translating spiritual texts; how belief systems, both conscious and unconscious, can influence our interpretations; and why logic is better than experience in deciphering ethics.

Yoga Podcast Ep. 56: Dan Nevins || Living Life to Its Fullest

In 2004, after an explosion in Iraq, Dan Nevins would ultimate lose both his legs. And in today’s pod, Dan will not only tell you this story – but also about his life, before and after. Including how he was introduced to yoga which, as he will tell you, saved him during a particularly dark time.