Yoga Podcast Ep. 62: Eddie Stern

Honest and straightforward, Eddie Stern speaks frankly about the Ashtanga yoga method and the changes he has made in both teaching and practice.

Yoga Podcast Episode 31: Eddie Stern

Lots to listen to (and take notes!) in this latest episode of the Ashtanga Yoga Podcast with Eddie Stern – including a good portion that feels an awful lot more like a science lesson than an interview about yoga. In fact, I left this interview feeling more convinced than ever –  yoga IS a scientific method.

breathing patterns in yoga

Breath and Movement: Three Important Patterns to Follow

Breath is our foundation and the thread that connects body and mind. Not to mention, the breath also helps give our movement both a shape and a direction. Like an embedded code, every gesture is scripted with an inhale or an exhale, programming our nervous system to work with our musculature in a way that can both calm and energize. So when body and breath work together, movement flows naturally requiring far less effort.