About Ashtanga Dispatch

Ashtanga Yoga is more than just a dynamic series of postures; it is a method for self-exploration and development that may begin with the physical body but certainly doesn’t end there. After all, Ashtanga is a Sanskrit word that means eight-limbed, and in yoga, āsana is just one of those branches. That said, it’s still the one that gets most of the attention. 

This is why we founded Ashtanga Dispatch to remember the parts that sometimes go missing. By weaving in various other elements of mindfulness and self-study through our podcasts, essays, and courses, we hope to broaden and inspire your understanding of the practice. 

But also, as home practitioners, we know well how lonely it can be to practice alone. Plus, how hard we are already on ourselves. Our other reason for creating this online community was to offer the support and a sense of belonging we also crave. Remember that you're not alone when life (and practice) gets hard. You have us. And we’re so grateful you have found your way here. 

peg + meghan



With a master’s degree in psychology, a background in education, and over two decades of yoga study, Peg has dedicated her life’s passion to understanding self and helping others realize their full potential.

As a teacher, she is engaging, uplifting, and empowering and has taught yoga all over the world — from the lawn of the White House to the Highlands of Scotland to the festivals of Wanderlust. Perhaps Peg’s greatest honor is being able to share this practice with her daughter, Meghan. Together, they make a great team. 

In addition to teaching, Peg is a writer whose work has been featured in Yoga Journal and other numerous news publications. And when not on her mat, you’ll likely find her at the river with her dogs, hiking in the mountains, or her garden, growing as much of her food as Montana’s brief-but-intense summers will allow.



Meghan had the good fortune of growing up within the yoga tradition. Her mom, Peg, a long-time practitioner and first teacher, allowed Meghan to come on and off the mat as often as she wanted from a young age. Over time, she developed her passion for diving deep into the internal experiences of daily āsana, mantra, and meditation. 

Meghan has deepened her understanding of this tradition over the years. As a student of her mentor and teacher, Dena Kingsberg, Meghan continues cultivating a deeper appreciation and knowledge of classical Indian philosophy and devotion to the profound, multi-faceted experience of Ashtanga yoga. 

Through her unique upbringing, she has had the incredible opportunity to learn from many renowned teachers, including R. Sharath Jois in Mysore, India, David Garrigues,  Richard Freeman, and Mary Taylor. Recently, she completed a year-long philosophy immersion with Ty Landrum, as well as a mindfulness training with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield. 

She finds herself lucky to teach alongside Peg, sharing yoga practice with students globally. As well as in her current home of Tasmania or occasionally in Byron Bay, assisting her teacher.