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Ashtanga Dispatch is a global and inclusive community, bringing together teachers and students devoted to the eight-limbed practice of yoga.

We believe Ashtanga yoga is for everybody and everyone is welcome.

The Ashtanga Dispatch Podcast brings you personal and lively conversations with Ashtanga yoga's most respected teachers and students, as you get to know both them and the Ashtanga yoga practice in new and unexpected ways. Whether you are a beginner to the practice, or an old-timer who's been practicing for years, you'll enjoy these thoughtful and often impassioned dialogues with Peg Mulqueen as your host, and Chris Lucas, editor and producer.

Peg Mulqueen

Peg Mulqueen is the founder of Ashtanga Dispatch, the co-host of the Ashtanga Dispatch Podcast, a gardener, dog-lover, and author of the upcoming book, Yoga in Nature: A Field Guide to the Eight-Limbed Path. With a a master’s degree in psychology, a background in education, and over two decades of yoga study, she is committed to making the practice of yoga accessible to all students.

Peg lives in the mountains of Montana with her husband and two dogs, growing as much of her own food as the brief but intense summers will allow.

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Besides being an Ashtanga yoga and nature enthusiast, Peg has also worked as a copywriter for various national non-profits including Toys for Tots and National Humane Education Society. She has written for various news organizations, including a monthly parenting column, and has been featured in online and print publications including Yoga Journal, and of course, the Ashtanga Dispatch Magazines.

If there's ever anything on your mind - topics you'd like to read more about or teachers you'd like to hear from on the podcast - please don't hesitate to reach out. Thank you for being a part of our Ashtanga yoga family.

The Ashtanga Dispatch Magazines

A mother/daughter publication, the Ashtanga Dispatch Magazine is here to support all students in their yoga practice, though especially as a way to help home practitioners feel more connected and less alone. Peg Mulqueen serves as both editor and publisher, and her daughter, Meghan Powell, is the creative force, designer, and photographer behind each Ashtanga Dispatch magazine. Order today!


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Meghan Powell

Meghan had the fortune to grow up within the yoga tradition. Her mom, Peg, being a long time practitioner, and first teacher, allowed Meghan the opportunity to come on and off the mat as often as she wanted from a young age until overtime it became an everyday practice. At first yoga was a way to move more freely in her body after years of sports left her restricted. In later years, the practice of yoga became a way to find balance within life by diving deep into the internal experiences of daily āsana, meditation, and chanting. 

Meghan has deepened her understanding of this tradition over the years. As a student under her mentor and teacher, Dena Kingsberg, Meghan continues to cultivate a deeper appreciation and knowledge of classical Indian philosophy and a devotion for the profound, multi-faceted experience that is Ashtanga yoga. 

She has a background in art and a B.A. in photography from Montana State University. Much of her personal work has been inspired by the inquiry of yoga and deeper layers of the mind expressed through alternative photographic techniques. Her work has been featured in various magazines and publications like Yoga Journal, Photographers Forum, Alternative Photography, and Mantra Magazine.

She is fortunate to work alongside Peg, the founder of Ashtanga Dispatch, sharing the practice of yoga to students globally. She is the co-host of the Ashtanga Dispatch Podcast, Creative Designer of all Ashtanga Dispatch Magazines, and contributor to their online courses. 

Meghan currently lives in Tasmania with her partner, Mark, and their pup, Bowie. You can find them at their local point when the surf is pumping.